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Our Classes

Ballet: Cecchetti (Italian), Vagonova (Russian), French, techniques. Fundamental to a complete dance education is the mastery of classical ballet technique. It’s the foundation for every dancer and is essential for cleanliness, placement, line, etc.

Pointe: A student must have at least 3 years of ballet technique training and be at least 10 years of age. We recommend two ballet technique classes per week with the addition to their Pointe class.

Pas De Deux: Adagio class. A dance by two people. Typically a man and a woman.

Acrocise: (Ages 3-4yrs.): Using a combination of ballet and dance, children learn coordination, balance, self-discipline, learning and listening skills.

Combo : (Ages 5-9yrs.): Combination class which includes: ballet, tap, jazz. This is an excellent class to introduce a younger dancer to different forms of dance while building a strong foundation.

Tap: A series of regulated and controlled rhythmical movements of the body usually accompanied by music. Emphasis on foot work and the expression of rhythm through sound.


Jazz/Lyrical: A fundamentally popular dancing that has been stylized and polished to a theatrical brilliance. Free style movements, which are usually accompanied by ballet technique.

Flamenco: (Ages 3- Adult): A style of Spanish dance consisting of much twirling, hand clapping, foot stamping, and the use of castanets.

Modern: Expression through natural bodily movements and rhythms.

Contemporary: Popular form of dance, which borrows from classical, modern and jazz styles. Contemporary utilizes both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance.

Hip-Hop: Street dance styles.

Musical Theatre: A sampling of acting, singing, and dancing as on Broadway.

Drama : (Ages 8- Adult): Acting as in Broadway / Theatre.

Musical Theater : (Ages 9- Adult): Acting as in Broadway / Singing.

Music Classes: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Violin

Arts Classes : Fine Art lessons


Karate Classes: Kajukenbo classes  

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Music ( 5 Ages – Adult) 1 hour in length

Piano, Guitar, Violin and Voice

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