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Written Testimonials

My daughter has been in Academy of Arts for 4 1/2 years. She attends the aftercare, dance classes and she also goes to summer camp. She also likes the staff from the aftercare. She loves and enjoys watching other dance classes that she doesn’t even attend. There are times that she gladly volunteers to assist the dance teachers with their students. When I pick her up to go home, she puts a frown on her face because she doesn’t want to leave. That tells me that she’s really enjoying herself and loving every moment that she spends at Academy of Arts. Seeing her feeling happy and enjoying herself with her classes, her friends and staff, makes me feel comfortable and happy. Academy of Arts is not only a dance academy among other specialties, but is also a family oriented environment.”

– Doris



Our daughter began dancing at the age of 3 in a “shopping center studio” in Pembroke Pines. After having a “good time” at dance we realized she needed a dance “Academy” where dance is taken seriously. We were referred to Academy of Arts through a friend and discovered it to be a true dance “Academy” where she would learn technique, terminology and discipline. Before long, our dancer was taking 10 classes per week encompassing several dance styles. She loved dance so much she asked us to set up a dance studio in our garage so she could practice continuously, as dance became her passion. I have no doubt her love of dance grew because of the type of dance education she received at Academy of Arts. She has made life-long friendships with other dancers, has gained confidence, has learned to take risks, and problem solving techniques. She has also found a listening ear in many of the instructors who understand the struggles that some teenage dancers experience. Each year the dance recitals get bigger and better and receive accolades from all who attend. Our time at Academy of Arts has been invaluable, with many life lessons learned. I recommend Academy of Arts for any family with a dancer who wants to take her dance education seriously and wants to learn from professionals.

– Sharon



My daughter has been at Academy of Arts for 7 years and started at the young age of 5. We were looking for a safe and professional dance studio that could focus on technique as well as instill discipline and confidence. We were fortunate enough to meet Ms. Rebeca and her staff at the Academy of Arts. From the minute we walked in we were greeted with a friendly smile and we could feel the dedication, passion and love that Ms. Rebeca has for the academy and the arts. My daughter was able to take various forms of dance, piano, drama and voice all in a safe, clean and professional environment. The children are given multiple opportunities to excel and the recitals are of top caliber. They are planned to the very last detail, well rehearsed and perfectly executed. The academy’s staff, from aftercare, to the office staff, to Ms Rebeca, truly care about the children and the dance profession. If you are looking for a safe, clean academy that will instill confidence, independence, discipline, passion and true dance technique, the Academy of Arts is the place for you. Well done Ms. Rebeca. Thank you for all you do for the children.

– Okkie and Family



Our family has been going to Academy of Arts for over 15 years. One of my daughters danced there for 12 years and my other daughter has been dancing there for since she was 3 and is still dancing. Both my daughters have enjoyed every minute of their experience at the dance studio. At Academy of Arts your kids actually learn to dance, unlike many other studios where they take your money and your children learn nothing. This is not a competition studio so your kids learn dance techniques and they have one recital a year. The recital is original every year and the costs are kept low since you are not required to buy a certain number of overpriced tickets or pay for overpriced costumes. Academy of Arts recitals are professional quality and are very entertaining. If your kids get into a company group then you also have a holiday show and they perform at Century Village as well as Disney. I recommend Academy of Arts highly, and when you are there, they treat you like family. I have referred many people to Academy of Arts over the years and every one has been very happy with their experience. In summary there really is no better dance studio in the area than Academy of Arts.

– Docekal Family

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